Thursday Night

Music, good friends, and good smells coming from the kitchen. Wine being passed around, Chris at the baby grand and Sharon playing violin; the song a soft jazz-classical crossover in a minor key. Then into "Deep Inside of Me," the sound of the baby grand pulling us into the mood; Sharon's voice flowing around the notes from the piano.
Jim Fowler, a friend and writer for the L.A. Times, was over, gathered with other friends in the living room. A wood fire added a dancing glow to the subdued lighting. The music, which had started mellow and acoustic, heated up as Poppy's Voodoo started the fire dancing to a different rhythm.

This is one of the special pleasures of "hanging with the band." Nights when the music is just for the love of it; and the people in the room are all in the same groove.

The band still loves the music. The pressures of making a name for themselves and the necessities of marketing haven't changed that. They're together because they want to make music, and it shows.
Marc Mangano
Feb 17, 2000

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